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In these tough times, Florida is hurting. People are losing their jobs and there is not enough money for public schools, environmental protection, or services for children and elders. Meanwhile, energy demand--and costs for Florida's families and businesses--is increasing. But there's hope as Florida considers safe exploration of its offshore energy reserves. We can protect our beaches and environment, move Florida toward energy independence. We can generate billions of dollars for our economy and create thousands of jobs for Florida.

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Featured News: Road and Bridge Builders Endorse Florida Offshore Drilling Plan

TALLAHASSEE -- In a letter to Rep. Cannon, the Florida Transportation Builders' Association said Florida's recovery from the global recession is "the most compelling issue of our time."

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Florida Offshore Drilling Plan



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Florida uses approximately 28.5 million gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel per day and 10.4 billion gallons annually.

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