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Out of Sight Technology

Strong standards of protection will ensure that offshore drilling will have little impact on Florida's strong tourist industry.

Six miles from shore

First, shallow areas of the Eastern Gulf can be drilled with temporary rigs based on barges. The shallow water also means that most of the production infrastructure can be submerged and buried.

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Rigs would be visible only while wells are established - which would take only 6 weeks to 6 months - and then oil pumps would be submerged below the water's surface.

Six miles from shore

Sub-sea technologies allow for safe underwater energy exploration without creating a visual blight. This enables sub-sea wells to separate oil and gas and pump each directly to shore through secure undersea pipelines. These reliable platforms exist completely underwater and cannot be seen from land.

Six miles from shore

Directional drilling is a technique that allows wells to be drilled sideways up to several miles, allowing production of offshore reserves from on-shore wells. This technique preserves beach views by removing the need to erect permanent offshore drilling platforms within sight of our coastline.

Today, such advanced drilling technology is helping to recover valuable resources beneath Louisiana, California, the Texas Gulf Coast, and even urban environments such as Ft. Worth, Texas.

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Florida uses approximately 28.5 million gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel per day and 10.4 billion gallons annually.

Florida's Missed Economic Opportunity
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